Hamlet, the clown – Rajat Kapur

 Soso, Fido, Bouzo, Nemo, Fifi, Popo Coco – a bunch of clowns who enact the comic side of Hamlet, the crown prince of Denmark, if there is one, i.e. Occasionally slapstick, often witty and sometimes, tender, the clowns twist and twirl the Bard’s lines and delivered a riotous laugh act for two hours.

My favorite, the clown who played Claudius – batty, devious, mad – especially when he plays Hamlet’s father’s ghost trying to tell Hamlet through sign language that he was actually killed and did not die a natural death. His goofiness breaks the entire clown act into a dumb charades. This kind of digression into their personal lives and relationships with each other, especially, the dramatic Gertrude and her men, had almost every single person in the audience laughing their sides off last Sunday.

A kissing scene drew a Hasshooo from four toddlers sitting behind us, and the lead actor, playing Hamlet, stopped midway to look at the kids and tell them to close their eyes for a few seconds!

Thanks to Mr. Rajat Kapur. Outstanding cast and interactive at all times, this play, partly gibberish–and some English–made for a wonderful weekend of hilarity.


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