Getting off fb. How cool is that today in a an age when the whole world lives and breathes the network, chats on it, emails and posts on it. For a long time, my addiction to checking my account for updates from friends each day was fun, but now that i am off the thing, i find some very positive changes. Of being able to interact with friends and family in a more meaningful way – calling them, writing personalized mails, or talking face to face. In short, i make more time for each one of them. Isn’t that reason enough to move on?

Taking pictures on a birthday for a facebook moment, watching a play and updating the scenes as they unfold minute by minute, while you lose the moment. The experience of being at the play of having to say cheese and being ‘cheesed’.

Like all addictions, the detox moments arrive when a friend or someone says, i’l share on fb, take a look, and they give you a weird, what, you are not on it anymore! how could you! are you mad?”…Insanity with a stamp of approval isn’t what i am craving for now. I like the moment of watching the friend react in this way, the disappointment on their faces and then wait to see if they will contact you without facebook around….the ones that matter do…:)


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