A View to a Kill and Starry Starry Night

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

The first, a James Bond movie Score, from a very talented band, and the second, Don Maclean’s Starry Starry Night and Van Gogh’s influence.

“weathered faces lined in pain, are soothed beneath the artist’s loving hands…”

“frameless heads on empty walls…ragged men in ragged clothes, silver thorn of bloody rose…”

WHen at at the Van Gogh museum at Amsterdam, i didn’t pull out my camera out of sheer awe at the surroundings, and made myself content with some souvenirs i carried home. And for some i gave away. Today, i sincerely wish, i had taken some pictures. 

THe tryst with the Riks museum again – momentous but fast fading and i jog my memory hard to remember all that i saw there, including the doll’s house, and the stranger from Colombia i met while sitting on the park bench outside and letting the images in like a sponge…will i see you all again?





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