What any the egg and how she feels 🙂 it’s like waiting is what makes her complete.

Mostly Bright Ideas

In my very earliest days, I was a sperm. At least this is what I’ve been told. I can’t say for certain, because I don’t remember being a sperm, and it certainly seems like the kind of thing that would stick in the mind. More unbelievable is the idea that I was one of about a quarter-billion sperm, all darting and wriggling in a frantic attempt to reach a single egg. This is the only part that helps me understand why I have no memory of the whole episode. I don’t like crowds, especially in confined spaces, or where there might be a lot of splashing involved. To this day, I avoid small elevators and public swimming pools. Plus, the thought that I could have out-maneuvered so many other competitors is hard to grasp. Beating out a quarter-billion opponents would be like going on The Dating Game and being…

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