a good film

Good movies affect us, transform us, provoke. In a visceral manner, sometimes. High levels of realism or delirious sense of fantasy–both, captivate. I rarely get a chance to see a movie these days–for reasons of not managing to make time or of wanting to watch the movie with someone who is not free, and so on. I am not the kind who likes watching movies on a laptop even the wide screen ones. But, i crave for a good movie all the time. Like a Hugo or an out and out gangsta film. 

In a country where going to movies is a national pastime, and Bollywood an obsession, our purses and imagination are enslaved. Having said that and grown up on a wide mix of South Indian cinema, and their wonderful storytellers, and then many Hollywood movies at multiplexes and the old Rex theater in Bangalore, i can say that my respect for this art form increases by the day. Watching them in a movie theater, even with strangers, brings in a sense of community. Like someone said, they are a form of collective dreaming as we hold our breaths and feel awed. Even after The End.


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