Shunning the cursive for tip tap

Did computers spell the death of handwriting? I had to submit a handwritten paper somewhere and discovered that I could not write more than a paragraph. My fingers ached and my I’s merged into t’s and all I could hand out was an illegible scrawl that looked worse than a doctor’s prescription piece. I rue the days when I used to grumble about an ugly stump on my fingers that came from holding a pen(cil) for about 8 hours a day – I can still see a remnant –and ‘am surprised when someone shows me a logo design that looks suspiciously like plain cursive writing. The cursive has now entered the medium of artistic self-expression, and achieved even antique status. (No, I am not talking of Chinese calligraphy here). People may soon get paid to write (hand) and this will be a good thing in some way…
….pick up a pen, hold it at the appropriate angle, maintain the right posture and scratch away…


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