whither homeless help?

i’ve been looking foran organization that can help with shelter for the homeless in this dreary winter. Bangalore doesnt get icy cold but all the same even a 12 degree with strong winds can make it difficult to sleep in the open, to say the least. THe reading and checking i’ve been doing tell me about the number of shelters and beds that lie vacant, while the homeless struggle outside. One approach is to provide blankets like they do in the Northern part of India (where it gets a ten degree colder) through the media or some charity organizations such as Goonj, and the second, being to somehow get the homeless and the vacant beds/shelters connected faster. I don’t know whom to approach. I wrote to Goonj and asked them if they run or would be interested in running a parallel outfit in Bangalore, but haven’t found an answer yet. Can someone in Bangalore help?


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