An evening with Carl Lewis and another in a park

I attended a Meet and Greet event with the legendary Carl Lewis here a few days ago. The invite hinted of a one-hour event and i naturally was curious about how it would pan out. When asked why he never ran the 400 meters, he replied, Coz i ran the 100m! He spoke of his teen years, and how he went about setting goals to win the long jump, which was closer to his heart than the sprints, and the doping scandals, his parents, his life as a coach in Houston University, his life today and much more. Deriding the craze of taking a selfie with – it means you dont have a single person around who can take a picture of you? to Indians not winning in the sprints in Olympics as impossible as at least one person among the 1 billion should be a fast runner, the man took us through a lively and entertaining session, where most of the time his sense of humor came through.

All this fuss about the marathon had me thinking that i should take part in the 10 k at least next year and train for it unlike the previous years, where i ran only on race day and a measly 5 km at that! Did i say, run? walk and then crawl was more like it.

I walked for about 5 kms in a lovely park close to home yesterday with lush greenery, neatly paved walkways, with gazebos and benches and simple folks. Some start for someone who believed that only Yoga was a way of staying fit. I didn’t get the same aftereffect of a Yoga-Pranayama session, but i definitely felt lighter. Sometimes, it is better to be lightened than enlightened, i guess.


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