frazzled, i tried to take the ten deep breaths as dictated by any mindfulness coach. In the car, sitting and watching the milieu, the traffic and people, the cacophony of sounds, and a maze of thoughts, reminded me of how i spent the 14 hours on the journey from Dubai to Boston. Alternatively, closing my eyes, ruminating, watching the flight path and my fellow passengers, watiing for the food to be served, trying to watch movies, listen to songs and such. I later realized i spent almost 14 hours doing nothing really apart from closing my eyes and thinking or watching.

In our era of constantly doing something to make ourselves useful, it was an a contradiction of sorts. The passage of time, suddenly, hits you. My biggest failing has been complacency. Getting into a comfort zone and working in that space with a routine is so well, ah, comforting.

Wired magazine had this article about Instagram photographer, Arnold Daniel, and his NYC photographs. The author of the piece, a New Yorker, obviously finds tourists a nuisance. I guess anyone would when all you see are tourists.

The arrival of the spring break and the Euros standing at Abercombie and Fitch took me back to Boston and what Europeans were doing there a few days back. When i was in a hotel elevator one day getting back from work, with a German Banker from RBS and a few retired women tourists for company, an interesting conversation ensued. The ladies saw the RBS badge on the banker and asked him what he thought of the Scottish move to break off from the Kingdom. He, of course, very German like, replied that he was from the German branch. These ladies couldnt stop themselves and continued with the topic, saying that if the Scots did indeed get their ‘independence’, the Royal Bank of Scotland would have to be renamed to the Ordinary Bank of Scotland, laughing their heads off.


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