Happiness may not be happy

Happiness does not always make you happy. I read this from The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin, a book that i am reading in parts, a chapter once in a while. A kind friend gifted it to me, probably, at a time when i sent out signals of dissent and angst. The book grows on you and what she says i assimilate and think about for weeks   before i make the next move.

IF happiness isnt always happy and the fallacy of arrival(where the journey is always happier than the destination and the fact that challenge and novelty make us happer in our lives), made me feel lighter. We just dont want to leave anything to chance, do we? 

THe act of getting up at dawn to spend time with a cup of tea and follow it up with a sweaty, breath-ful yoga vinyasa, or the joy of getting lost in a lovely book, or a quote from an author that makes you wonder and ponder for hours, watching the monsoon set its windy clouds on the skies before the skies open—all make for contentment. Temporary, maybe, but life is all about temporary, small moments. Fleeting but meaningful. 

Even sitting in traffic and watching strangers in neighboring vehicles, a hair’s breath away, in their private spaces, and guessing about where they come from, what they must be thinking and so on has made even th mad Bangalore traffic seem peaceful. It has taught all of us who lead ever so busy lives to wait. Waiting patiently – a trait we had lost and would never want to cultivate on our own, gives you such insightful minutes these days. Even if it is to listen to a podcast or song (thank Steve JObs for changing the ways of life) or dream. 


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