Travesty. Hyperbole. Johnny Depp is all that in this movie, with traces of the Mad Hatter showing up in his expressions. He begins with a bang and some artifice. I can’t write about his swindling without developing a swagger myself. Which movie am I talking about? Moretdecai, it is. As I watched it with amusement and wonder, at first dart, he made me think of the other Mort. Terry Prachett’s Mort. (I can’t believe I missed reading about Mort in my childhood. James Hadley Chase years could have been more of Pratchett.)

Battling Alzheimer’s at 60 and writing about it, this wonderful author of more than 40 books that told dazzling stories spoke about euthanasia for those suffering from this disease. His RIP messages talked of Death finally having company now.

The first introduction of Terry’s character, Death, is when Mort is waiting with his Dad at the town square at the hand close to midnight believing desperately that someone would employ him as an apprentice. Death appears cloaked in dark splendour making an impressive entry on horseback at the stroke of midnight, turning around in style to reveal a rattling skeleton beneath. The boy is overjoyed and takes on the apprenticeship. So begin the story of Mort and Death’s journey.

Back to Mr Depp and the insanity that is part of all the characters he has played. The swashbuckler pirate today is older, but more nuanced. Quietly menacing like in Black Mass and living the role, as always.

I wake up to the moon shining brightly through the window lighting up the dawn. Moonstruck seems an apt way to describe these souls.


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