There are many reasons, Logan, from the X men oeuvre, is more like a Hollywood Western rather than a CGI graphics filled super hero action movie. Shooting with two guns and putting them back into the holsters with swash-buckling swagger, ain’t this one, though.  Transforming the genre is Director Mangold, who brings you the humane and realistic side of an aging super hero.  The film reminds you of a Clint Eastwood reluctant to fight but instead forced to come into the battle raging from the back door and then wreaking havoc to save his loved ones –in this case, being Charles Xavier, the God of the X Men, father figure to Logan and a little but mysterious looking girl of eleven, Laura. (There is a reference to Shane, a 1950s Western flick in the movie, too.)

This movie is a road trip that  three generations of the X-family make in rural America as they are fleeing the Reavers, who are a band of mutants and mean robots, headed by a charismatic character named Donald Pierce whose robotic hands and golden tooth glint with menace. During the journey, there are life lessons to Logan from his father and Laura, who try to get him to be more involved in life, a purpose. Yes, his wounds don’t heal as easily now, and he requires reading glasses, but there is a scene where his body spits out the bullets lodged in him into a sink.

Laura realizes that he is planning to slowly kill himself someday, adrift and alive only for the sole reason of taking care of Xavier, who is now in a wheel chair living with him in an isolated Mad Max-like haven off the borders of Mexico in the company of an albino mutant.

Laura and Logan.  She stands out for being able to communicate volumes with her sinister looking eyes—and for having learnt superior killing skills (including driving cars) at the mutant factory where she along with many other kids came into being. There’s a lot of piercing of the Wolverine claws (and toes) into skulls, eyes, shoulders, and what have you, making you wonder if a meat factory would have this much fare to offer in a month. In one scene, Laura walks out facing her oppressors and throws a severed head of one of their mates towards them and, in another when Xavier is going through a seizure that paralyzes people in a 5-km radius, Logan moves with mutant strength towards the hotel room in the casino where Xavier has been taken hostage plunging his claws into every single Reaver he finds on the way. Charles Xavier, the father of the X-men has telepathic powers but he is now suffering from dementia and seizures, the combination of which makes his brain a weapon of mass destruction. In fact when Logan takes up the assignment from Gabriella, Laura’s nurse from the lab, it is to make the money he desperately needs to buy a boat and live on the sea with Charles and the albino (Caleban) far enough to prevent any impact on human kind.

Why the chase, you might ask? These mutant kids were seeded and bred in a corporate lab to become mean killer machines without souls. The experiment failed and the lab moved on to cloning soulless creatures for the same purpose. Many of the kids were killed but some of them escape, and one of them is Laura.

This is the finale in the X-men series and Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart demonstrate a camaraderie that has strengthened during the 17 years. Fittingly, the era in which the movie is filmed is 2029, where the mutant world is fast dying and those left behind are not as powerful.

Will Logan shed his apathy and protect Laura whom he is fast trying to get rid of? Even if he doesn’t believe in the Eden she is looking for? She tries, but he tells her that all he loved have suffered to which her response is that, then, she will be safe.

All in all, a moving tale.




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